Hi, I’m Sarah.  Welcome to Vegan Sarah, home of the Bomb Ass Vegan blog.  It’s my hope to be able to share my knowledge of vegan cooking and baking, lifestyle, fitness and more with you.  I want to help you learn how to prepare vegan meals and desserts, while learning how to live a vegan lifestyle that is completely badass and true to yourself. 


Who am I?

My name is Sarah Preston.  I went vegan 15 years ago in Oswego, NY while attending SUNY Oswego for a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education.  I later went on to receive my Master’s as well, eventually moving to Albany, NY to be with my love.  I worked as a teacher for a couple of years and started baking vegan desserts for people.  Some desserts turned into hundreds of desserts and I started to sell my treats to local stores and cafes.  It became so popular that I put together a business plan, got some funding, and opened my very own vegan bakery, X’s to O’s Vegan Bakery. 


I ran X’s to O’s for a total of 8 years, 2 in my home and 6 in my retail shop.  It was an awesome adventure but eventually the tolls of running a foodservice biz coupled with the lack of personal time and money made me very unhappy.  I needed a change and weirdly serendipity had it’s own idea…we started having some major equipment troubles, expensive ones.  I ended up deciding to close down shop sadly.  

I did end up learning a lot from running my own bakery.  I learned how to use various social media outlets, network with awesome people at vegfests and vegan conferences (making a TON of rad friends in the process), how to set up a horrid POS register, bookkeeping, budgeting, inventory, management, scheduling, dealing with vendors and distributors, and most importantly how much I love sharing veganism.  I LOVE feeding people, I LOVE being able to provide people with delicious vegan food and proving how amazing/easy it is to eat and live as a vegan.  The biggest thing I miss about having a bakery is having a platform for sharing what I love and know with all of you.

So how are we here?  Why a blog?

THIS is my way of being able to bring everything I love and want to share all together in one awesome lil nugget of space.  This blog is my way of being able to teach YOU how to live a life full of vegan food, happiness, health, and overall badassery.  I have a lot of plans for this blog and it’s future but at the core of it all is my desire to share my love of cooking, baking, rad lifestyle tips and hacks, fitness ideas and inspirations, and more with you. 

Wait, fitness?  Where does that come in?

Yes, fitness!  I have loved being an active person my entire life.  I played soccer and track into my college years and that carried over into my adult years.  I’ve had on and off again periods of weightlifting, tae bo (haha), kettlebell workouts, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), running, and yoga throughout my adult years.  Now I’m very serious about my health and started weightlifting more seriously and consistently about 1 1/2 years ago.  That led to venturing into the powerlifting world and I FELL IN LOVE.  There’s something about being able to pick up really heavy weights that feels empowering and completely badass.  Now I read every lifting article/magazine/blog I can and keep up with all of the latest vegan nutrition info, especially in regards to eating to be the best athlete you can be.  I competed in my first powerlifting competition in January of 2016 and plan on doing a couple a year.   Right now I’m just loving the process of hard work and dedication…plus being able to deadlift way more that my own bodyweight is pretty cool. 


Any other random crap?

YES!  This blog will be full of awesome information, my own adventures in various topics, but also the occasional “fuck” or “shit”.  It wouldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t swear once in awhile, especially when I am excited. 

ALSO, sometimes I may talk about being a feminist.  You’ll be fine, I swear.  I might talk about body positive image stuff or lifting in a room of burly dudes and being the only girl.  All cool and useful stuff that I know other people go through. 

ALSO, ALSO I am straight edge so you won’t see any alcohol in my recipes.  Sadly I have no idea how to include it properly if you want to know BUT can probably point you to someone who does! 

Let me hear from you!  Email sarah@vegansarah.com