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I’m back!! Sorry for being away for so long, I’ve been trying to take care of a lot of things, self care included and it took me away from being able to blog effectively.  Maybe some day I will write about it. 

But what have I been up to besides that?  I moved into a brand new classroom in my school and it’s a self-contained K-2 room.  It’s really amazing.  The room is brand new, we have a lot of nice new furniture and some well loved items too.  My teammates are also AWESOME and the kids are adorable. 

I have also been lifting a lot (of course!).  I got a coach who is based out of Salt Lake City and he is pretty awesome/knowledgeable.  Check out this husband/wife team here , (Shawn and Kristen Bellon).   I have made a lot of strength gains in the past maybe 8 or 9 months we have worked together.  It’s very exciting to see progress and to feel stronger.  I’ve also been focusing on form and trying to understand my body mechanics so I can be a better lifter. 

I recently competed in the Northeast Iron Beast held at ABC Sports and Fitness in Latham, New York.  It was my 3rd year doing this meet and it’s always well managed and really fun/supportive.  It’s amazing to see so many strong women who cheer each other on.  I always meet really great, new people and see some awesome old friends at these meets.  I also always leave inspired to keep going and be the best I can be.   It’s also a very well run meet! 

I did pretty well at this meet.  I was mostly happy with how it went because I not only added 63 pounds to my total, but I also learned a lot and gained experience. 

This was also the first time I needed to cut some weight in order to be in the weight class I wanted/feel strongest in.  I knew months before that I would probably need help doing so because I am really bad at figuring out my own macros (protein, carbs, fat).  So now I have an awesome nutrition coach too, who happens to be one of the co-founders of the Plantbuilt team that I am on!  Check her out here at Vegan Proteins (Dani co-owns it with her husband, Giacomo).  Not only did I end up meeting weight, I was a couple of pounds under and felt great (still do!). 

Since I had to cut weight, I also had to do a water load the entire week of the meet.  I normally drink about a gallon of water so I had to up it to 1.5 gallons a day, which was interesting because I had to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes BUT I felt pretty amazing and my skin looked so good!  I also didn’t get to eat breakfast until after I weighed in.  In past years I would just eat a normal Saturday breakfast of 2 waffles with real maple syrup and some Beyond Meat chicken.  However, I quickly learned that wasn’t enough fuel for the meet because Dani set me right!  I ate one of the biggest bowls of cereal ever out of a huge reused Earth Balance container (haha, looked like a weirdo!) and it was glorious.  I felt ready and strong!  

Squats went really well.  I made all three lifts so that was exciting compared to past years.  I opened with 159.83 pounds, then did 165.3 pounds, and finished with 176.4 pounds and definitely could have done more! I have squatted 190 before but was having hip issues a few weeks before the meet so we (Coach and I) wanted to play it safe.  I was very happy with my squats.  Check out my last one…



Bench went much differently because after warmups my shoulder was bothering me.  I have a past rotator cuff injury and some weird scapula issues.  I should have played it much safer with my bench numbers because the most I’ve benched so far was 105 pounds and my first attempt was 95 pounds.  Sadly, even though I made two of the lifts, none of them counted because my butt came off of the bench both times.  This just meant that I would not receive an official total at the meet and wouldn’t be able to place if able.  That was a bummer BUT I told myself that I did make the lifts and was only held on a technicality so I knew I just had some more learning to do.  I took it as a learning experience and decided to focus on my deadlifts.  Check out my bench…



Deadlifts are my favorite lift, although squats are creeping up there.  I just love being able to pick up a heavy barbell off of the floor.  It’s incredibly empowering and badass.  I opened with 242.5 pounds and it moved pretty well.  My second attempt was 259 pounds and the third was 270.1 pounds.  All of them counted and all moved well. I struggled a little bit on the last one to lock it out but I got it!  SO far this is the most I’ve ever deadlifted.  I’m going to test them again in a few months to see how much I can really lift outside of a meet.  Watch my last deadlift (with a cameo from meet director, Jim Kipp!). 




Overall it was a really great meet.  There were a lot of impressive and strong women and it was amazing to meet, lift, and cheer for each other.  I left feeling happy, satisfied and extremely inspired to keep working my ass off.





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