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This is kind of the beginning in a short series on starting your own business.  I’ll periodically post articles about it around the recipes and cool fitness stuff.  Enjoy! 

Me as a baby boss, still in my first year as a business owner.

Me as a baby boss, still in my first year as a business owner.  PS apron via green is the  new red-here

Say you want to be even more badass than you already are by starting your own business.  Where do you even begin?  Well, FIRST, what do you want to do?  Do you already have an idea or do you just know you want to be your own boss? If it’s the latter, here are some questions you should start asking yourself.

What am I really good at?

What do I love to do or what am I passionate about?

What subject/service do I have a lot of knowledge about?

How hard am I willing to work?

What do I want my life to look like with the business?


These are all super important questions and you MUST answer them honestly.  Feel free to write down multiple ideas in case you’re passionate about many things.  Sometimes there may be a way for you to start a business that incorporates MANY of your passions together, but sometimes it’s best for you to just pick one…it depends on YOU!

Once you figure that out, it may be extremely helpful to seek out the advice of someone who knows a lot about small businesses.  You will have to do some research and see if your area has a Small Business Administration (SBA) office, a local chamber of commerce,  or a non-profit lending group/organization.   These places are a great first step in getting help to figure out exactly what you need to do.  I actually used a really great local non-profit lending group in Albany, New York called the Community Loan Fund to start my bakery.   I was able to secure a loan through them and received help on and off for some technical stuff.  Places like this are really great because, not only do you get guidance for your new journey, you also get great advice and make important contacts.  You also get access to classes and other resources to further your own knowledge as an entrepreneur.  TRUST ME…this is invaluable and helps make this weird scary journey amazingly doable. 

Next, you need a business plan.  Yeah, yeah it IS scary sounding.  And yes, it’s A LOT of work.  However, if you can’t buckle down to thoroughly research and type out how your business will be setup, function, govern, and make money…maybe you should rethink being your own boss.  I said it, I’m sorry.  But, for real people, it’s a very hard job and you must be prepared to work your ass off, especially if it’s what you REALLY REALLY REALLY want. 

Don't make me come over there!

Don’t make me come over there!


So the business plan?  If you’re nerdy (I love nerds…I am one!) and love big words and Forbes articles, THIS one is for you.  If you like step by step guides with pictures and samples, THIS wiki one is for you.  The SBA also has an online step by step guide to help you write your business plan but you must create a user name and login to use it, that’s HERE.  Also, just for fun HERE‘s this fun, really short, but also concise, video about business plans featuring a man with a nice accent.  Also, I must mention that any of the places in the paragraph above will also give you business plan help.  

So there you have a nice start to starting your own business.  This is just a snippet of what it takes to get there but I tried to include some really great information.  It’s definitely a long and challenging journey but it can be extremely rewarding.  You will also find out a lot about yourself and how amazing you are in the process. 

So get out there and let the ideas flow.

Be excellent to each other and to yourself. 


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