My First Powerlifting Meet, Part Two

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If you missed part one, check it out here.

Next up was bench, so I immediately started warming up. I was still feeling a little down about my squatting but tried to push it out of my head. I warmed up with a teammate so that was super helpful because we were focused on helping each other. I felt much better by the time our group was up and occupied my mind by focusing on the commands. There are way more commands in bench compared to the squat. You basically have to take it off the rack, hold it up as still as possible while you wait for the official to say “start”. Then once you bring the bar down, you have to hold it there until the official says “press” and then once completed you have to hold it in the finished position with your arms straight until the official says “rack”. If you miss any of these commands, the lift does not count. We practiced these a lot in training so it would just become second nature. My first attempt was 77.2 pounds and went up easily. My second attempt also went up pretty well at 82.7 pounds. My last attempt can be seen below at 88.2 pounds. I made all three of these lifts and was super excited about that.  


I felt really happy and comfortable after a successful bench. I waited a little bit to warm up for the deadlift. Here is where I sadly messed up. Before, I had a bit more time in between the previous group and my group because it took longer to set up the rack for each person. I figured I had the same amount of time. I forgot that there are no racks to move around or rack heights to change so the deadlift groups go much faster than squat or bench because the spotters are only changing out the weights. I started to warm up and had a couple of lifts left when my group was called. I tried to quickly do my last two warmup lifts. The second I put down my last warmup lift, my name was called. Now, you only have a certain amount of time to complete the lift, it might be one minute. I had to stand there and try to calm down since I usually take a couple of minutes of rest in between lifts. Officials were telling me I needed to go so I just said that I needed a second. I took a couple of deep breaths in and out and walked up to the platform. I had to make this lift at 231.5 pounds so I could go for the next weight. I slammed my feet where they needed to go, tightened my back and glutes, puffed out my core, took a deep breath and picked it up. It was a green light! I was psyched. My next attempt was 242.5 pounds and I made that with a tiny bit of difficulty. By this time, I was super tired. Hurrying my warmup and the first lift really took it out of me. I really wanted that last lift. Sadly I just couldn’t quite get the last lift of 253 pounds off of the floor, which was sad because I was able to lift 250 in training. I think I was just too fatigued and that’s ok.


Overall, it was a really rad experience and I knew when it was over that I wanted to do another one. I’m kind of hooked now. It was a really positive and empowering experience. I got to meet all kinds of really awesome people, watch really badass people beat their own records, and was able to bring out my own inner badass. I really loved it and am going to start training for another meet next week. I also have plans to do two more (possibly 3) next year…and one is gonna be super duper awesome and in another state.

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