My (Not So) Secret to a Badass Day

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Ever feel like you could be more productive but just can’t seem to get your brain into it?  Chances are you’re doing what I was doing for years.  I would wake up in the morning, be groggy, eat some food and run to work or school.  Eventually I would go through phases of exercising in the morning as well.  It just seemed like I was floating through my day, every single day, and then I would hit a big afternoon slump.  Some people might drink coffee at this time or an energy drink, but I would just try to move along (I don’t actually like coffee or energy drinks-GASP, I know!).  It was a pretty big bummer because I felt like I should be able to do more.  Enter the MORNING ROUTINE.  Seriously.  I can’t remember where I first heard it, but I kept hearing about it among entrepreneurial circles in real life and the internet.  Apparently it was something that really productive CEO’s did every single day.  I was a business owner at the time so I thought I should try it. 

I went through a few different morning routines until I found a combination of things that really got me ready to kick ass.  I can’t say enough about having a morning routine.  It wakes you up and helps set the tone for your day.  It’s also something really productive people do, so it must be rad, right?  Well, it’s true.  It not only made me more productive, but it also made me FEEL like a badass.  It’s also #2 on this rad video from Marie Forleo (who is amazing) about….you guessed it, being productive. 



Like Marie said, your morning routine must also be NON-NEGOTIABLE.  You must do it no matter what.  That’s how it becomes routine and that’s how it helps change your brain to be productive.  Now, what should your routine consist of?

Your morning routine should contain the following: meditation or some kind of quiet journal time, some stretching or exercise (it’s important to get that body awake and moving), not using the internet for the first 50 minutes after waking up, and food.  Food is very important in the morning because it wakes your brain up and gets your metabolism moving.   It’s seriously a big deal.  Even if you eat breakfast on the go, please make sure you eat it!  My morning routine goes like this: I get up, use the bathroom, meditate in the sun (if possible), journal, check social media (after 50 minutes!), stretch, do a light yoga or some ROMWOD stretches, shower, and then eat breakfast.  It sounds complicated, but it’s really not.  It seriously helps make me alert and ready for whatever life is going to throw at me.  It also makes me take control of my day by setting the stage for what’s to come.  It gives me a sense of quietness, control, and ease which helps me tackle work and situations much better.  I can’t say enough about having a morning routine.  


How do you pick what yours should consist of?  Well, what do you think you need to do for yourself?  What sorts of things would you benefit from?  Meditation or writing positive affirmations?  Stretching, yoga or straight up exercise?  Reading a book or journaling?  Quiet coloring with your children or drinking some lemon water/tea?  It’s up to you what needs to be included but be sure to follow the general guidelines.  Remember, it’s about what you need to calm your brain, set the day, move your body, and become mindful.  You are important and deserve it. 



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